SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Workshop with OSMR

Movement Research: Breaking the Rules of Time

Sunday, September 13



Santa Barbara Dance Arts


"The ultimate purpose in teaching others to dance is to provide them with the means for opening the doorways of their own creativity, to liberate them so they are enabled to use the materials of dance to reveal the uniqueness of their individual natures."  --Aileene S. Lockhart, Modern Dance


OSMR (Open Source Movement-Research) is presenting the first of a series of three movement workshops exploring time, space, and energy.

September's workshop explore choreographic use of time -- looking at non-linearity, discontinuity, and various ways we can play with and disrupt the rules of time.

Led by Kaita Mrazek, Tim Wood, and Marco Pinter

Registration information and more details coming soon!

Infinite Tim.

Infinite Tim.


Pilates for Yoga 

Taught by Kaita Mrazek and Justine Malick


Saturday January 17th

1:30 - 4 PM



How are Yoga and Pilates different?

How do they support one another? 

Go beyond just "finding your core." Connect with your body in a way that enables you to efficiently flow through a series of exercises with precision and harmony. Strengthen the neural pathways to muscles you've never used before, developing healthier movement patterns that will directly effect how you move through your daily life.

Be challenged and motivated to progress, to truly feel the beautiful changes happening in your body. Strengthen, rehabilitate, revitalize or nourish...make the practice your own...

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