When we practice conscious movement regularly it becomes unconsciously competent or in other words we are able to spontaneously organize ourselves with grace and pleasure. --Dr. Brent Anderson


Private sessions are the best way to bring conscious competence to your moving body.  Having an outside eye to help you navigate your habits can be invaluable.  With this customized workout you will find yourself making shapes you never thought possible, and feeling better than ever before!  


Kaita is available for private and semi-private sessions.  A private class for you and your friends can make a bachelorette weekend, private party, or special event feel both indulgent and nourishing! Rates vary depending on the group and location.  Contact Kaita to book a session.

Kaita currently teaches one special public class at Yoga Soup:

Ghost Flower 5 Element Flow Thursdays 9-10:15am

Ancient Chinese wisdom has provided us with a road map for organizing the way we move: along channel lines.

These flows will activate your energy channels to enliven your yoga practice, enhance your workout, or assist your recovery after a race or ride.

Stimulating key acupressure points will amplify your personal movement practice and your wellbeing. 




photo by Maggie Zulovic

photo by Maggie Zulovic