My new obsession is Ghost Flower workout clothing. The duo behind it collaborated with Eastern-medicine experts to design around the body’s energy channels and acupressure points.
— --Claire Olshan, founder of Fivestory and DADA, in an interview for GOOP

Who We Are

Ghost Flower is a female-founded activewear brand, inspired by Chinese medicine.

Our apparel is a wearable road map of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine. The body’s energy channels and key acupressure points are discreetly woven into its design.

Ghost Flower is a multi-faceted activewear brand that has your body’s energy channels discreetly woven into its design

  1. We are high-performance, luxury activewear. Style, fit, and flattering design matters a lot to us. Not see-thru, no camel toe, no waist band rollover!

  2. Our clothing is also instructional: the seams track your meridians and the silver logos offer a map to find key acupressure points.

  3. Our clothing is made in LA, with our premium 4-way compression fabric produced in Italy

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Learn more: // @ghostfloweractive